The History of South Beach, Miami, Florida

Florida is the most Caribbean like state of America, the similarity lies in the weather pattern. It is always sunny in Florida; this state is a local paradise. Florida is located north of the Caribbean region and is the home of great beaches, beach resorts and restaurants. Miami is world renowned for its coastal location and the multitude of parties that are held there on an annual basis. South Beach is in Miami, and it shares the prevalence of beaches. It also sports a high number of the hottest nightclubs in the state. South Beach, also nicknamed SoBe, is the ideal party location, whether it’s spring break, family vacation or New Year's Eve.

South Beach is the area south of Indian Creek. It encompasses roughly the southernmost 23 block radius of the main barrier island that separates the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. This area was the first section of Miami Beach to be developed. Thanks to development efforts of Carl G. Fisher, the Lummus Brothers, and John S. Collins, the area commenced development in 1910's and it continues today. The growth of the area was sparked by the construction of the Collins Bridge that connected the mainland of Miami to the beautiful beaches. This bridge was later replaced by the Venetian Causeway. As the existing residents of the 1920’s South Beach area began to develop their lands through extensive building and cultivation, other people of wealth were also attracted to the area.

South Beach later became a retirement area. There were many hotels stringed along the coast and multiple beaches on which one could recline and relax. The area is now a resort paradise. There are still many hotels, some of which are favored by many international superstars. Beaches are in abundance and are mostly connected to established hotels and local attractions.

Since the development in South Beach started, the region has gone through numerous phases of artificial and natural changes. There is now a booming region economy and an increased tourism industry, both local and international tourism.

South Beach has been affected by many natural disasters, including a hurricane in 1926. Much of the area was destroyed, but that has not discouraged the locals who continue to develop the area, and the tourists who continue to enjoy all the luxury and excitement that South Beach has to offer. According to data collected in 2010, about 33,834 residents live in South Beach, Miami, Florida. South Beach is the ultimate party location for anyone who is seeking a fun time. The area has a rich history and much to offer its visitors.

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