4441 Collins Ave
Miami FL 33139

Arkadia Venue Information

MMG nightlife, the force behind the Arkadia nightclub, has struck gold once again. They have mimicked the success of Arkadia with the creation of Arkadia, a modern nightclub located on the ground floor of Chateau. Fontainebleau's newest addition, Arkadia, opened its doors in 2010 and has been a reflection of success ever since. The club’s environment is centered on the element of surprise and awe. Arkadia was created out of the former 1960s game room at the Fontainebleau Hotel that once captivated the guests, hence the name ARKADIA.

The club is a poolside lounge with low ceilings, vertical streamers dividing the more intimate spaces and an impressive teal billiard table. The club is smaller than Arkadia, allowing more intimacy among guests, and a friendlier atmosphere. The size has no bearing on the amount of dance space available. Designer Francois Frossard created the club to fit about 300 guests, with 25 tables and a large and cozy dance area. There is a long and winding bar, a VIP lounge with French furniture and an al fresco venue for pool parties facing the curtained cabanas and wading pool. Frossard designed this enchanting venue with the aim of making it possible for guests to lose their inhibitions and sense of time.

Isn’t the clubbing experience supposed to be fun? Arkadia screams serenity; it is designed to let the guests let loose, relieve stress and embrace a fun filled night. At Arkadia you are allowed the luxury of a full club experience, and one you won’t soon forget. Arkadia features the world's top DJs including DJ Ross One, Stevie J and DJ Ideal. It provides fashion installations by the most sought after designers and the unexpected frisky thrill that South Beach nightlife is known for. It's the perfect cross between a nightclub and a lounge, with great entertainment for house music lovers.

Arkadia is opened Thursday through Sunday. It features various events such as pool parties and parties for special VIP occasions such as Birthdays and Holidays.

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Arkadia : 4441 Collins Avenue, Miami FL 33139

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