929 Washington Ave
Miami FL 33139

BED Venue Information

When you want comfort what do you do? What you should do is check out BED, one of South Beach’s best nightclubs. B.E.D. stands for Beverage, Entertainment and Dining. The name is derived from the use of the one piece of furniture that could relax just about anyone, Beds.

Entering the doors of this nightclub will be like transportation into a different time and a different world. If you want to feel like a celebrity, BED is the place to go. This magical place is creatively designed with beds along the walls, the ultimate furniture to lounge on, and absolute comfort. You will be ensured a night that meets all your expectations. All of this will be ensured by the concierge that is assigned. Do you feel like a celebrity yet? At BED, you will! Forget about staying home and watching celebrities go clubbing on the television. At BED you are the celebrity. It is one of the most elegant, distinctive and relaxing spots in a sea of beautiful places in Miami. BED is the ideal location because of the feeling of comfort that it exudes and the musical services offered.

BED Nightclub focuses on music, style, and high-end professional service to make you feel comfortable and invigorate a superb experience. Entertainment is modern and provided by the designated DJ each night. The setting is serene and designed for socialites, and important people from all over the world. They exist only for the people that truly appreciate and understand the ultimate South Beach Miami experience. Welcome to B.E.D., where you are the very important people. Paradise will become real. Welcome to bed, where comfort and enjoyment awaits.

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BED : 929 Washington Avenue, Miami FL 33139

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