1445 Washington Ave
Miami FL 33139

Cameo Venue Information

If you are looking for the ultimate nightlife experience, Cameo is the obvious choice. This nightclub is located in South Beach, the ultimate party spot in Miami, Florida. It is one of South Beach’s landmark nightclubs, with its reputation stemming from its modern design and the variety of parties thrown each night.

The building which houses Cameo was once a theatre, which accounts for the dramatic and effective layout and the unforgettable experience that is inevitable upon one’s visit. Cameo was designed by renowned nightclub and lounge designer, Cal Fortis. The venue is modernly decorated with a futuristic edge, and styled with the latest materials and plush furniture. The major dance floor is centered. It is surrounded by lush leather couches on which one can lounge when tired from dancing, or to watch others on the dance floor. There is a VIP area behind the DJ to allow those who prefer exclusivity, a more private location within the club. The club has a top of the line lighting system to transform your mood upon entrance. A decision to visit Cameo is a decision to have fun all night long.

The bar area is very elegant and modern. It is beautifully decorated and efficient with comfortable stools for patrons to occupy. The DJ’s booth faces the dance floor and hosts different guests DJs. Cameo has had some of the greatest DJ's in the world. This allows the club to fully entertain people of varying music and dance preferences, ensuring fun and enjoyment for all. The sound system was designed and installed by Louis Puig and David Padilla is excellent in the transference of dance music within the club. You won’t miss anything.

A visit to Cameo is a visit to the best nightclub South Beach has to offer. You are guaranteed an unforgettable experience in an unimaginable environment, where you will meet new people and create new and everlasting memories.

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Cameo : 1445 Washington Avenue, Miami FL 33139

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