Coco De Ville

Coco De Ville

Coco De Ville
2377 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach FL 33139

Coco De Ville Venue Information

Tired of the typical loud and extremely crowded nightclubs? The Coco de Ville bar is the perfect spot for you. The name was inspired by the fictional character, Coco, who was so elusive and alluring that only a few claim to have seen or be able to describe her. Coco De Ville is extremely cozy and intimate. This lounge is becoming a haven for celebs and Miami socialites. If you visit, you will share the same sentiments. It is next door to STK steakhouse, inside the Coco De Ville South hotel. Unlike many other South Beach clubs, the lounge embodies a cool vibe for hotel guests and locals who are seeking an intimate atmosphere where conversation is actually possible. From the Coco de Ville bar, guests are able to wander into the main dining areas and any of the other STK bars, including the Lobby Bar and Gallery Bar.

The Coco de Ville bar offers a much higher energy and younger environment than that experienced by the other areas of STK. It is extremely intimate, housing about 150 guests.

The club’s small size perfectly exudes an intimate atmosphere, making Coco De Ville the ideal spot for private parties or intimate gatherings. The décor resembles its Los Angeles counterpart; it is cozy and intimate with soft lighting and a beige color palette. The lounge is elegantly decorated with plush seating and wood carved tables along the walls, and a huge dance floor in the center. There are also spinning dome shaped chandeliers to add to the atmosphere and to accentuate the elegance of the lounge.

The music is another feature of Coco De Ville that everyone can enjoy. At Coco de Ville, guests can be exposed to another side of STK, whether visiting for just a drink or a late night snack, or while enjoying the music played by guest DJ's from all over the world. It boasts a number of DJ's who play everything from old school to modern music. The DJ's intoxicate the crowd with genius mixes and song choices, which ensure that everyone have the ultimate clubbing experience.

Coco De Ville is the perfect place for you if you are looking to escape the typical loud and crowded nightclub. It is a small and intimate space with dance friendly music and an atmosphere designed for those looking to have a fun night out.

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Coco De Ville Miami Beach : 2377 Collins Avenue, Miami FL 33139

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