Dal Toro

Dal Toro

Dal Toro
719 Lincoln Rd
Miami FL 33139

Dal Toro Venue Information

Dal Toro is a famous restaurant that is fairly new to South Beach. It is quickly living up to the great reputation of the Dal Toro that is located in Las Vegas, while setting the bar high for all the other restaurants in South Beach, FL. Located on Lincoln Road, this venue is ideal for party goers who want a bite to eat, private dinners or group celebrations.

The décor at Dal Toro is absolutely breathtaking! Imagine entering a serene environment through marbled entrances, only to encounter classical and very colorful furniture and contemporary artwork. The walls and furniture are an artwork within itself, as they create an ambiance of absolute pleasure and sophistication. Are you an individual who prefers to dine outdoors? Dal Toro Miami has a very spacious and elegantly decorated patio that is not only romantic, but also quite comfortable.

This one-of-a-kind, multi-million dollar venue, is one of the most chic restaurant and lounges in America. The Bistro section of this establishment serves delicious and expertly prepared meals that will keep you coming back for more. The food is prepared by Chef Fiorenzo. Miami's Dal Toro has created a unique menu that is packed with the most tasteful and savory meals you will ever come across. Try the specialty Dal Toro Risotto, Free Range Rotisserie Chicken or Guazzetto Mussels. You will love the taste of these as they touch your tongue and you will continue to enjoy the taste even after you have gone home. The food is that good! If you have heard about the services offered at Dal Toro Las Vegas you will surely enjoy Dal Toro Miami. If pizza is one of your favorite foods, you will enjoy Dal Toro’s pizzas. These come in toppings like smoked salmon and crab. There are also soups and side dishes that will go absolutely well with grilled foods such as the Dal Toro Wagyu Burger and grilled steak.

The wine list at this venue is extensive! The unique menu paired with the perfect drink will make your meal and your company absolutely wonderful. If you are unsure which wine or other drink to choose, you may ask the friendly servers to guide you in your choosing.

You will never regret a trip to Dal Toro Miami. Whether your visit is for a private dinner for two or a group celebration, such as a birthday party, you will have fun! Imagine spending your night lounging in the company of friends and enjoying the best foods Dal Toro has to offer while sipping your favorite drink. This is Dal Toro bliss!

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Dal Toro : 719 Lincoln Rd, Miami FL 33139

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