1235 Washington Ave
Miami FL 33139

Mansion Venue Information

The Opium Group is one the most successful nightclub operators, managing Miami’s top four nightclubs; Opium Garden, Privé, Mansion and SET. The group consists of three visionaries with unique perspectives and expertise, owners Eric Milon, Roman Jones and Francis Milon. They have a great track record of success in the nightclub industry and have turned their creativity to the design layout and ambiance of Mansion.

Mansion has become the leading destination for Hollywood celebrities and the hippest crowd in South Florida. This nightclub was named Miami’s Hottest Club by People magazine and has hosted some of the world’s most exciting events, such as Diddy’s MTV Video Music Awards celebration party.

Mansion is located at 1235 Washington Avenue. This spot was once a French Casino in 1936, and has housed legendary nightclubs such as Glam Slam, Club Z and Paragon. It is one of the largest clubs in South Beach, covering 40,000 sq ft and separated into two levels. This nightclub is able to accommodate events of any size and still provide a comfortable environment. There are six bars on the two levels and a main-room stage to host fashion shows and live performances. The dance floor is extremely large, allowing you a lot of space to dance and move about.

Mansion as the name suggests has a grand and majestic setting. The walls are outfitted with exposed bricks, there is a sweeping staircase, ornate fireplaces, Venetian glass mirrors, dramatic crystal chandeliers, exposed brick walls, towering keystone arches, beautiful oil paintings and cozy sitting areas that mix modern Lucite pieces with the luxurious banquets. There is also a balcony on the second level where you will be treated to a bird’s eye view of the first floor festivities.

Mansion provides a beautiful visual experience which stems from lighting displays, video projections and a whole host of live aerialists, all synced to music. The music switches from hip-hop and house music between the two floors and the different rooms. To get the excitement flowing there are also lingerie-clad dancers on eight dance platforms. There is also a permanent runway that runs down the middle of the VIP area in the Main room, where sexy females are encouraged to dance and flaunt their skills.

The Opium group has created another success. You are guaranteed fun and excitement because there is something at Mansion for everyone.

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Mansion : 1235 Washington Avenue, Miami FL 33139

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