235 23rd St
Miami FL 33139

Mokai Venue Information

Mokai is named after the New Zealand canyon famous for the filming of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and King Kong. This nightclub is highly exclusive. Looking on, about 90% of the tables are VIP. Mokai is like a safe haven. Hidden away from paparazzi, the club offers a place for celebrities and others to have fun without worrying about the invasion of privacy. The club is small and cozy. The vibe throughout is like an intimate house party. It is fun and exciting in the ultimate party environment. Although Mokai is highly exclusive, others can join in the fun. Getting in is highly competitive, but once you are inside you will realize that everything was worth it.

Mokai is covered in deep dark jewel tones, huge heavy VIP sections, stone walls and creative lighting. The overall appearance is that of an historical tavern with modern lighting and furniture. There are comfortable, black and cherry-red leather couches for seating. Hundreds of light bulbs are grouped to form beautiful custom chandeliers, which grace the ceiling in varying colors to influence the mood of the patrons. Mokai features a Baccarat-inspired chandelier pit - a modern take on a traditional fireplace. Mokai's atmosphere is suited to everyone, people seeking the ultimate party spot to dance and have fun and those who just want to chill with their friends.

Other tasteful elements featured in Mokai’s design include a collector’s selection of art and fashion photography, and contemporary Moroccan lattice work that spreads throughout and complements the lighting system. The bar features a dramatic display of bottles and glassware, adorned with ornate floral arrangements and greenery. Guests can stay at the bar, or be served at their tables by servers donning La Femme Nikita attire. The DJ booth appeals to everyone’s taste in music by playing hip hop, rock, Top 40 and house music.

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Mokai : 235 23rd Street, Miami FL 33139

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