Mynt Lounge

Mynt Lounge

Mynt Lounge
1921 Collins Ave
Miami FL 33139

Mynt Lounge Venue Information

Mynt Lounge is one of the most highly exclusive nightclubs in Miami. For over seven years this club has been improving its reputation as the ultimate nightlife provider. Mynt brings to Miami Beach a truly exclusive party environment. Most exclusive clubs are unable to keep up their exclusivity, pretending to be picky while letting in whoever pays. Mynt Lounge is still exclusively catering to the rich and the beautiful.

Do not be fooled by the outer appearance of the club. The inside is exquisite. You may have to wait a very long time to be allowed the opportunity to enter Mynt Lounge. However, once you are inside, you'll understand what all the buzz is about.

The club’s décor uses black as the base color. Colorful lighting and mounted projectors add a splash of color to the otherwise plain environment. The couches and tables are placed along the walls to allow excellent use of the lounge’s space as a dance floor. The couches are black and each has an accompanying little black table to place drinks on. The tables are square with a quarter section missing and replaced by the glow of green lights. Green, the color of mint, is splashed throughout the lounge as a representation of the name: Mynt Lounge. The projectors are placed along the walls, casting an array of light onto the nearest table and adding sophistication to the setting.

The exclusivity associated with the Mynt Lounge has led to the convergence of the best crowds in South Beach. There are elegantly dressed celebrities throughout the club having a great time. These include models, designers, top DJs and other people who are plastered on the cover of magazines all over the world.

Mynt demands elegance and is committed to making the patrons happy. Mynt is said to be for the famous and fabulous. This statement is true. You can be one of the fabulous persons catered to by this establishment. Mynt is exclusive, the crowd is great, and the DJ knows how to keep the party going.

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Mynt Lounge : 1921 Collins Avenue, Miami FL 33139

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