Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach
1 Ocean Drive
Miami FL 33139

Nikki Beach Venue Information

In 1998, Nikki Beach introduced the world to the ultimate beach club concept, by combining the elements of dining, music, fashion, art and entertainment into one. This concept is now located in Miami, at One Ocean Drive along the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and amid palms trees.

The Nikki Beach Club is one of the best places to party in the daytime or night time. They have one of the best mojitos in South Beach and one of the best nightlife views Miami has to offer. The beauty of Nikki Beach is highly evident. There are cabanas along the side of the main pool. These Cabanas are dimly lit at night, almost making the outdoor venue seem like a bonfire ritual for the chic. The Atlantic Ocean is yards away from the venue, so a quick dip before ordering the next mojito is highly possible and encouraged.

Nikki Beach combines dining, fashion, music and entertainment in a pot of pure success. The London Observer has referred to Nikki Beach as being the “The Sexiest Place on Earth”, and this title has been supported by the professionalism and absolute beautiful appearance of all the Nikki Beach venues. Nikki Beach is world renowned for its surreal beauty and ambiance. It is one of the few places on the planet that champagne and cocktails at noon, accompanied by contemporary European delights and mood enhancing tunes, is a consistent reality.

Nikki Beach Club in Miami is comprised of a large oceanfront complex featuring an outdoor beach club, an award winning restaurant and a sexy South Beach nightclub favorite. Designed in simplistic elegance, all the venues contain the same elements that bring nature into this luxury lifestyle. The furniture is made of natural woods from Vietnam, white throw pillows made of organic fabrics, free flowing white linen curtains, plush champagne beds and our signature teepee.

The Nikki Beach restaurant is one of the only gourmet dining destinations in South Beach to actually offer a beach and oceanfront restaurant dining experience. Nikki Beach offers a menu ranging from wood burning oven pizzas to mouthwatering Chateaubriand. Nikki Beach Miami has established itself as the landmark nightclub and venue for ultimate private parties and large celebrations. It is a combination of the typical south beach venue with great and evident splashes of different global cultures in the food, the music and the overall layout.

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Nikki Beach : 1 Ocean Drive, Miami FL 33139

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