320 Lincoln Road
Miami FL 33139

SET Venue Information

SET is a true representation of drama within a nightclub. It was created by the Opium Group, which is known for its success in the management and creation of Clubs such as Privé and Opium Gardens. This club is designed based on ideas inspired by Hollywood homes of the 1930’s and 1940’s. SET features a lavish display of crystal, Pucci fabrics, baby croc and leather, a futuristic glass fireplace, vacuum compressed elevators, eclectic Tinsel-town-era artifacts and ebony macassar, creating a vibe that gives a modern South Beach nod to old Hollywood glamour.

A step into the rooms of Set is a step onto the stage of great adventures. SET consists of two main rooms: the VIP Room and the Trophy Room.

The VIP Room is a warm and intimate environment for people who want to be away from the general crowd. It is lavishly decorated with leather Pucci-fabric seating, a modern glass-enclosed fireplace and a grand bar with a crystal prism façade to heighten your imagination and your club experience. Coupled with an impressive light sensory system you are sure to have a wonderful experience.

The Trophy Room was designed to provide privacy to guests who want to party in luxury, while still enveloped in SET’s euphoric vibe. The Trophy Room slightly resembles the private library of a 1940’s Hollywood tycoon. There is a bar which features crystal decanters for a dramatic display suited to the 1940's. There are plush leather chairs and couches, trophies and memorabilia, such as elephant tusks and colored glass bottles. This is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a front row view of the dance floor.

The drama of the club also comes out in the use of lingerie dancers who are enclosed in plexi-glass cylinders, or the svelte young ladies grooving atop Makassar ebony tables that let you know you've entered a different sort of nightlife venue. This club has a top-of-the-line sound and lighting system, which was custom designed to aid in its dramatic appeal. The sound system can be attuned to accommodate both cozy conversation and full scale DJ set ups and live performances. The lighting system features plasma screens for video projections, two Chauvet Scorpion lasers, one Chauvet smoke machine and six High End trackspots in the second floor lounge.

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SET : 320 Lincoln Road, Miami FL 33139

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