2377 Collins Ave
Miami FL 33139

STK Venue Information

STK is a steakhouse that not only offers scrumptious food, but also an elegant environment. STK is located inside the Perry South Beach Hotel on Collins Avenue. This steakhouse is a branch of a steakhouse that was first created in New York. STK is not only a restaurant; it is also a bar and a lounge.

The designer of this beautiful establishment was the award-winning designer from ICRAVE. It was designed to be stylish and highly sophisticated. This beautiful difference from the traditional steakhouse ambiance makes STK an elegant addition to South Beach’s finest restaurants. STK Miami blends the sun-bleached palate of Miami with its signature, sleek decor, resulting in an inviting and stylish environment featuring a soft, relaxed and muted combination of natural materials and colors. Nude tones are complimented by natural gray suede and sophisticated white leather.

The two-level space offers a state-of-the-art deejay lounge, three bars, and a catwalk that ascends to the Mezzanine level with a second dining room, VIP bar and private dining areas all overlooking the venue, allowing guests to discreetly observe the Miami social scene if they wish not to be a part of it. The STK bar features a DJ that spins at night. In the bars, there are always luscious cocktails at your fingertips, and your favorite drink a counter away from your lips. Chef Ralph Pagano spices up the dinner experience with a delectable array of salads, seafood and vegetarian items, and of course, STK’s signature cuts of meat in small, medium and large. These portion sizes are aimed to satisfy cravings of everyone, making STK a perfect destination for all appetites.

For a venue that provides fine dining, a place to lounge and a bar that plays dancing music, STK is the perfect choice. It offers everything in a single venue.

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STK : 2377 Collins Avenue, Miami FL 33139

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